Alanson Manufacturing has been a valued supplier to the Defense Industry for over 45 years. Our experience and attention to detail allows us to meet or exceed the demanding needs of the military specifications. Alanson specializes in products made primarily from tubing or bar stock. Our experienced and knowledgable team is able to produce difficult jobs with short lead times while maintaining high quality. We also have our own plating line that allows us to produce and finish your part at our facility. Alanson is an ISO9001:2015 certified company.

The mission of Alanson Manufacturing is to meet world class performance standards and excel by:

  • Operating our plant safely

  • Supplying high quality products

  • Providing quality products at a competitive price

  • Delivered in a time that meets or exceeds customer needs

We are committed to integrity in the work place and a philosophy of constant improvement to achieve and sustain quality and efficiency in our manufacturing process.